This year, Protect Aménagement celebrates its 40 years. Ardenne company which is specialized in lightning protection, his activity is the installation of materials (overstrain voltage arresters, ground masts, etc) and takes care of the maintenance. The working teams were trained on site. They’re working on every kind of buildings: school, offices buildings, churches, industries, airports, hospitals, etc.


Evolution of the company.

Created by Henri Grenson back in 1976, his son, Hirwin, took back the activities of the company in 2011. The company growth was constant in the last years. They started with 2 persons and they are today with 15 with their own study office. Since 2013, the company is now able to manage all their activities from A to Z: risks analyzes, technical analyzes, installation and maintenance.


Protect Aménagement has his own ground material shop for electrical installation companies and furnishers. The request for professional material was so high, together with the stock availability, the shop was created very quickly in 2016.

Creations from Project Aménagement


Perspective projects

Recently, Protect Aménagement took care of the protection of Belgocontrol-project. Belgocontrol works for the airport security in the local control of the air space in Belgium and Luxemburg. The company must then respect renewed compliance with the new standards of all airports and, specially, airports in Belgium.

The company had a kind of “lightning” growth in a very short delay. Today, it’s a number one reference in Wallonia in this sector. Few concurrencies and a lot of future projects. We’re very confident fort he future.

SOURCE : PromAndenne | 30th march 2017