With an experience above 40 years GRENSON & FILS is an expertise company. It’s also a family company working in lightning protection and ground installation. As it is a growing company, decision was made to become larger and brighter with the opening of an online shop.

After it became the best reference, GRENSON & FILS starts now with everything ground matters, indoor and outdoor lightning protection materials like overstrain voltage arresters, ground masts, etc. Focused on professional wholesalers but also on small and independent companies, the sale of material is now online available and in the current location of Anton, industrial zone in Ardennes.

With the opening of larger areas, GRENSON & FILS enlarge its services panel to satisfy new markets but also to be more clients focused. The goal is to become the main reference in the sale of lightning protection and ground material.

Do you have an interest in it? Catalog is available on www.grensonfils.com